Although my heart has always been into issues of Earth and humanity, I found childhood solace in the glitter and glamour of the industries surrounding the glossy magazines I escaped into. As a super ambitious tween, I parlayed a young freelance writing career into a website that turned out to be one of the first media magazines and social platforms on the web. It curated and celebrated beautiful things in lifestyle, travel, fashion, and society – and gave me super plush access to these worlds. I had fun running the facets of this project and its community throughout my teens and into my twenties, eventually looping in an e-commerce platform and an events and marketing agency. Then came a quarter-life crisis, which I now know was a pivotal awakening.


One evening I found myself at a fun, lively party with plenty of singing and dancing and close-knit chatting. It’s an intimate room, usually with only a few dozen top consorts and players of the industries mentioned above – think models, actors, connectors, and those who pay to be in with the scene. Everything is just dandy and all in good fun, when suddenly a college student clutching a $35,000 magnum of champagne shouts over to the table next to me: “We’re celebrating tonight man! We just took the Congo! 13 trillion dollars in untapped resources!”


My stomach twisted and my heart sank. I was flooded with every possible thought about my literal lifelong love for this one country in particular, even the statistics of my middle school reports were coming back to me. Millions of people killed in “civil wars”, millions of rapes, poverty, malnourishment…. the ultimate example of ‘keep the people weak while robbing their resources’ old school mentality. Congo should be one of the wealthiest and healthiest in the world, but their people (and animals) have been ravaged for too long, simply for being born into an environment that contains popular resources. And for what? I raged. For this… display?! So that this dude, part of a “ruling family” who are not from anywhere on the continent of Africa, can pop a bottle of champagne at the party? One so far removed from the situation, who just unconsciously reaps the benefits. Needless to say, this moment shifted things inside me.


I started to not care about the consumer agenda I was force-feeding trend season after trend season. It was no longer fun playing in the game of all the intertwined industries, and the dalliances that fed into it. I started to only care about wanting to help influence a better world, and use more common sense, and find more sustainable balance. First for myself. I started focusing on becoming more authentic with my passions I had but ignored. I reconnected with the books, tools, and teachings that got me through funky times as a teen, and connected with new enrichment and guidance along the way. I had a ‘coming back to myself’ sort of healing.


In this time I also spearheaded a counter-culture print magazine called BULLETT, and co-created SERENE, a tri-coastal wellness community for women. Through SERENE, I connected to thousands of likeminded women who were having similar transformations and who wanted to be connected to high vibe content and experiences.


Since then, I have moved forward from these projects, and now focus on advising and coaching people and companies, and on my non-profit endeavor CoCre, and its projects. Our goal at CoCre is to use the power of story to inspire action in crowdsourcing a diversity of resources that create solutions and innovations for issues of Earth and humanity. 


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” -Bucky Fuller


Today I find myself in all sorts of rooms with all sorts of people. I genuinely love connecting with everybody, and learning their stories and perspectives. I generally see others with love, acceptance and compassion, and filled with possibility. I believe we are all good at heart, and that conversation, communication, and unconditional love will bring our world together more sensibly than anything else.


We are all responsible for the creation and direction of our own lives, which in turn influences the world around us. With this understanding, we have the power to make this world a “utopia” in our lifetime, for each and every one of us. What incredible lives we could lead by inspiring each other to rev up our potentials, tap into our unique greatnesses, release insecurities, fears and limiting social conditioning and transcend in our potential!


Simple conscious uplift in the feelings of our thoughts can change the world faster and easier than any protest, innovation or physical revolution. It is up to each and every one of us to seek greatness for ourselves, our circumstances and the life that we create through our daily decisions. May you choose kindness, compassion and love for yourself. 


To connect or collaborate, please reach out below.  <3E