Erin was an early pioneer of media and social engagement on the internet. At 13, in the days of dial-up, she launched (“Lux”) as one of the first digital media and social communities on the internet. She expanded this to include e-commerce, and a bicoastal marketing, branding, and events agency. She also became a media commentator for the industries she covered. While helming this platform, Erin discovered the power that storytelling and media have in driving people into action.


After over a decade, Erin transitioned to launch and direct BULLETT, an internationally distributed counter-culture print magazine, digital media company, and creative agency, which she later exited. Next up, Erin co-founded SERENE, a community for women that produced high-quality wellness content and experiences for their NYC, LA, and London chapters. She helped spearhead business, content, and member development, and co-produced crafted experiences for three years before exiting.


Throughout her career and to this day, Erin offers development, pulse, futurism, and strategy advisory to companies, funds, media, organizations, HNWI, and agencies. She specializes in guiding brand operations, positioning, and evolution in the age of the conscious consumer. She also helps individuals and businesses connect more deeply with purpose. 


Erin currently spearheads her tech and media endeavor CoCre, a social impact platform fueled by interactive content and crowdsourced collaboration. For more information visit


In her downtime, Erin enjoys adventuring, exploring nature and cultures, and writing fiction stories. She is currently working on a post-dystopian series. For more background behind these transitions read My Story




CoCre: An incubator and launchpad for initiatives and innovations that benefit Earth and humanity. Unites community to crowdsource solutions, using the power of content to ignite social action. Includes original media productions and an Impact Facilitation program.



Goshen Farm + Wellness Retreat: A 350-acre organic farm, nature, and wellness hospitality retreat featuring a restaurant, event center, and niche real estate community in Goshen, NY. Opening 2021.



Band of Land: Influences, implements, and embeds progressive planning into communities in key neighborhoods that are primed for or on the brink of a cultural shift. Band of Land streams through lower central New York State and upper western New Jersey, all within 75 miles from New York City, one of the most popular and populated cities on earth.