I offer expansion advisory for businesses of any scale, any genre. Covers:

-Simplifying for efficient operations
-Broadening revenue streams
-Employee culture, relations + inspired productivity
-Marketing + brand communication
-Nurturing customer community
-Thriving sustainably

Sessions are limited. Please reach out and introduce yourself below for more info. 

*Expansion work available for individuals on a select basis, specializing in working with women and people in leadership.

Ongoing Projects:

CoCre: An incubator for projects and initiatives that inspire greater internal or external conditions.

Going In: A gentle and insightful, app-based self-development program.

WIN Summit: An annual empowerment event in partnership with Columbia University, inspiring women in business to advance more rapidly into critical leadership roles. Join us next on Wed May 8th, 2019 in NYC. Visit here for more, and use code ERDJEB10 at checkout to receive 10% discount.

Goshen Wellness + Arts Farm: A 400-acre retreat in Goshen, NY. 2020.